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Title I have changed a lot.
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2022-05-17
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Hello. I am an old member. It has been 2 and a half year since I started the treatment program. I usually missed one or two therapeutic tasks. I was physically weak and had to deal with my career, my child, parents, and lawsuits. I had so many things to do and it was impossible to focus on my treatment. However, I didn't stop completely and tries to do an many therapeutic tasks and I have come to this point. I want to praise myself for having made efforts and reaching this point at least.

Here is what I have experienced so far. 

1) I have formed a different view on life. I focus more on time, myself, and meanings of life more than reputation and materials. I understand the vanity of life and feel how precious and short our life is. 

2) My child has become healthier and more energetic. I am satisfied that I raised him alone but he has turned out fine. I also began to adopt Mother Therapy. 

3) I have a better relationship with my parents. 

4) I have realized that all the bad things that happened to me have lead me to find the right path of life for myself and my child. I am grateful for being able to live a new life. 

5) I didn't get revenge. It was hard but I didn't as I was guided by Mr. Kim. I think that I did the right thing. Now, I know that revenge is pointless. 

6) It has been several months since I didn't feel pain even when I retrieve negative experiences. I don't even have to transfer to therapeutic tasks to do so. 

7) I couldn't keep myself out of negative thoughts and emotions for the first year. Now, they are retrieved every few days. I think I will completely forget about them unless I don't have to deal with the lawsuit.

Exercise is a hard task for me. I hope that I will have more physical and psychological energy. I am doing much better than before, but I still I lack energy for all the things I have to take care of. 

I will keep making efforts. 

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