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Title A word of gratitude
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2022-03-22
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Hello. I am taking KIP Treatment Program.

I am not supposed to share wounds, so I will just briefly write my thoughts. I really had reflected upon my problems a lot before I knew that KIP Treatment Program existed. I was worried, nervous, and anxious most of the time. I asked myself why I had experienced what I had experienced and what I would have to do to feel better? I vaguely thought and thought but I never expressed my emotions to other people since I didn't know how to. I felt I was trapped inside myself and simply couldn't explain anything in words even if I wanted to. 

I have been on KIP Treatment Program for 2 months now. I can express myself better when I make efforts. I do not express my wounds but I express my thoughts. It is unbelievable that I can feel comfortable and composed in daily life. I am reading a book that I used to read before starting the treatment. I can comfortably understand and accept the contents as they are. From now on, I don't want to form myself out of my past and contain myself within a frame. I want to understand many things and make my own path of happiness. 

I hope many people will learn that effective psychology treatment is available. I hope many teenagers will also be given an opportunity to take Youth Mind Training to develop healthy thought standards and prevent themselves from being stressed and wounded without even recognizing. 


I gathered up my courage to write this review to express my gratitude to KIP and Mr. Kim. I heard this program will be available outside Korea soon. I wish you the best!! Thank you for the opportunity for treatment. 

I also want to reflect upon my self-actualization and see if it fits the pursuit of order and harmony in the society. I will look for how to pursue self-actualization in the way I truly want for myself.

Thank you.

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