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Title I will keep practicing and practicing.
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2022-03-15
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I am a member of KIP Treatment Program. I gathered my courage to write this review in order to keep up with my willpower for treatment and to be of help, although it may be very small, to other members. 

I also hesitated to take this program for quite some time, just reading other people's writings and browsing here and there. I searched for Youtube videos that might comfort me even temporarily. Now, I dare to say that KIP Treatment is the only solution. At first, I couldn't stop having doubts on the program and my emotional fluctuation made me keep going on and off the program. I doubted on the contents of others' writings and wondered if such progress would be possible. I kept doing things strongly recommended against by KIP in daily life and I could see that I had obsession towards my husband. 

The fact that nothing including my husband's treatment can be proceeded without myself being treated first was understandable but not acceptable inside me. I kept suspecting him, accumulated misunderstanding, and kept aggravating marriage relationship. I didn't even realized that my behaviors were aggravating the situation. I knew I was obsessive but didn't want to admit it and kept hanging on to it. I took psychiatric counseling along with KIP Treatment but my condition kept deteriorating as time went by. 

Mr. Kim was right. The situation got worse and worse as I kept taking actions of any kind. It occurred to me that I was destroying not only myself but also people around me. I blamed myself for not doing well even when I made efforts by making the checklist and participating in seminars. I saw myself not being able to stop bad and old habits. 

After all, I clearly understand that keep making efforts to form new habits is the key even if the process is slow. I look at my self in the mirror and say to myself smiling, ''You are doing fine. Just keep going.” At least, I am not as afraid as before. I know I have to keep going for my happiness in the future regardless of my husband's condition. I am able to understand myself and provide safe and nurturing environment for my children. 

Mother Therapy is also of great help in parenting and I am truly grateful. I still have a long way to go but it is such a relief that I know in what direction I have to go for true happiness. 

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