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Title If I had just passed by the opportunity for treatment.
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-12-07
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[Review] If I had just passed by the opportunity for treatment.

I am writing the review of the treatment program in the 16th week of treatment. I had never imagined my wife's infidelity even when we had fights over all different matters, we kept distance from each other, we just focused on taking care of children as parents. I found evidence of wife's infidelity here and there and I felt my whole life had collapsed. I felt that everything in my life just had disappeared. I was pain-stricken, suffered from unbearable sorrow, and had suicidal ideation.

I got myself immersed into searching for information on infidelity through social media and spent a lot of time reading and watching related materials. I accidentally watched Mr. Kim's video lecture, where he said that the cause of infidelity is relationship addiction and the victimized spouse must treat post traumatic stress before anything instead of taking any practical measures, protect children, and provide the spouse in infidelity with an opportunity for treatment. 

I watched more of Mr. Kim's videos for days and decided to take the program after taking some more time to blame myself and be frustrated not knowing what to do. I thought I could live almost 40 or 50 years more but I was completely lost in my life. I thought my children would live even more than that and I didn't want to lose the opportunity to become happy with my children again regardless of the time and expense that would take. My life and my children's life were at stake. I was determined to treat myself by all means and I wanted to give my wife an opportunity to treat herself. I wanted to live. 

I visited the office feeling grave and paid for the program. I was given the textbook and I followed the guideline for watching training videos, doing therapeutic tasks, and getting self-check for progress. As days and weeks passed, I was simply amazed at the rate of psychological and physical stabilization I was experiencing. 

As many training members have mentioned in reviews, it is an astonishing experience that people who have not gone through it can never know. If I had not listened to Mr. Kim's advice, if I had attacked my wife and took any practical measure such as getting a divorce or filing a lawsuit, or if I had taken psychology counseling for the whole time, I would not be what I am now, I would not be able to smile at my children, and I would have lost hope. Such thoughts make me actually feel dizzy even now, when I am into the 16th week and listening to training recording and doing therapeutic tasks.

I do my therapeutic tasks everyday promising myself that I will treat myself, protect my children, and restore my happy family. I gather up my will power every week reading the simple reply for self-check, “Please, keep up with your efforts.” Suddenly, I am crying really badly finishing this writing, which I guess will slow down my treatment. 

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-07 0points Edit Comment Remove Comment 댓글

    Spam Many people start the treatment program in a similar situation and a similar idea to yours. Many people also give up the treatment for different reasons and end up collapsing while taking other measures than adequate treatment.

    You seem to be keeping your will power very well. You will experience progress as well as the recurrence of the condition repeatedly in the process of treatment and finally achieve complete cure and happiness ability. You will soon be living a happy life and all your painful past memories will be remembered as precious ones.

    You seem to have achieved the first phase of psychological stabilization now. It will take a couple of more years to prevent the recurrence of symptoms and build happiness ability. Please, continue with your efforts in all components of treatment program : Mind Training, therapeutic tasks, self-check on progress, viewing reference materials.

    You will achieve the realization of true happiness and live a happy life for the whole life time. Please, remember where you started and read your reviews once in a while to keep up with your will power and efforts.

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