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Title What would have become of me if I had not taken KIP Psychology Treatment?
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-12-02
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If I had lived without knowing about my husband's infidelity, I would be an adult-child who is innocent, ignorant, and childish even until now. 

If I had not found out about Mr. Kim's Theory of Mimind, I would be still struggling with pain that only those who have experienced it can know, would have caught a serious disease, or would have developed wound dissociation. My body, my mind, and my family would not be mine any more. 

If I had quit the treatment program half-way, I would be pouring my energy into meaningless and potentially dangerous relationships without having composure and gratitude or pursuing values. 

The path I took was not easy but I am proud of the last 2 years of my life. I had to go through the pain of the whole world and existence itself collapsing, and then I guess I  have become my own firm ground and high sky.   

I am simply grateful for everything. I thank my ancestors who made my existence possible, my parents who gave birth to me, my husband who came into my life and supported me, and my children who are so adorable. 

I like waking up in the morning to the shining sun.

I like a cloudy day when I can go out without wearing sunscreen.

I thank the cool rain with pleasant sounding raindrops.

I thank my children, who are unruly but healthy. 

I thank my mother, with whom I can talk and smile even when my father is sick in bed. 

I like seeing may parents having arguments like a young couple. 

I don't really mind wearing a mask everyday everywhere in the midst of this pandemic. 

I like the idea that I can enhance my immunity by focusing on the treatment and restoring healthy psychology. 

I am filled with feelings of gratitude.

Would I be having such happy moments without treatment?

I thank everyone who helped me in the process.  

I also applaud myself for keeping making efforts for all the time.

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-03 0points Edit Comment Remove Comment 댓글

    Spam The concept of 'if' does not exist in life. You made the decision, began treatment, kept making efforts remembering where you started, and finally, you have regained peace of mind. This is the process of treating psychological disorders and achieving happiness ability and only those who went through the process can experience.

    It is not recommended that you suppose too much about situations that did not happen in reality. Of course, it is important not to forget where you started by reading your own reviews.

    Many people are still taking the course of collapse giving up on recovery for many reasons and aggravating their conditions through law suits, divorce, and activities of diversion. They blame themselves or other people and seek comfort and pleasure destroying their life and many lives of others.

    You are absolutely entitled to enjoy feelings of gratitude and happiness. You made efforts on your own and earned happiness ability. You appear to be close to complete cure. Please, keep remembering where you started and continue with the will power and efforts.

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