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Title Change after 7 months of treatment
Posted by KIP Treatment Center (ip:)
  • Date 2021-12-01
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I am writing a review to leave the record of how I am changing through the treatment with Infidelity Therapy program. 

My post traumatic stress occurred 15 years ago. I experienced rage, and then severe depression, and then I only focused on raising children. My husband was erased in my mind for the 15 years, but rage came back one day last year when I saw my husband smiling at me. Then, I decided to take Infidelity Therapy.  

Mr. Kim, the director of KIP, repeatedly said one cannot but live the worst life when post traumatic stress is not adequately treated. I could understand what he meant since I grew up in such a family. 

It has been 7 months since I started the treatment program, and I go back and forth between mild depression and positive emotions. I think that I developed delusional jealousy towards my husband since I was influenced by my mother when I was a child. Now, I can interpret my past life better putting more puzzle pieces together through better understanding of human mind and psychology. 

My family experienced infidelity and my husband's family experienced bereavement. Both families are suffering from consequences. I think that only my own family with my husband and my children will survive the suffering. Now, I realize that all of my family and my husband's family went through excruciating pain, and I forgive and sympathize with them with all my heart. I feel sympathy for my husband for growing up in such an unhappy family. 

I know that I have not fully recovered, so I accept my condition without much anxiety or frustration. I also realize that perseverance is the most crucial factor for complete cure, which can determine the path of my life. I promise myself that I will show my sons how much I can change for better. 

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  • KIP Treatment Center 2021-12-03 0points Edit Comment Remove Comment 댓글

    Spam Post traumatic stress due to spouse infidelity continues to be aggravated unless properly treated. People with post traumatic stress try to get out of pain through diverse measure such as suppression, dependency, getting a divorce, or focusing only on children. However, post traumatic stress causes diverse other psychological problems and psychological disorders leading to unhappiness.

    You have made a wise decision to take Infidelity Therapy when you realized that post traumatic stress does not just go away no matter what you do. We can assure you that you life will change for better and you will become a happy person in a true sense when you complete the treatment program. You will even remember the past 15 years as happy memories.

    Please, do not be anxious for easy and quick treatment since it must take some time to treat all the wounds that have been accumulated throughout your life time. Do not forget where you started and maintain the will power focusing on the treatment to achieve complete cure. The time will come soon when you will smile at your past memories including bitter ones.

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